Friday, August 19, 2011

Exquisite Craps

Exquisite Craps was published in the summer of 2010 and has been pretty much under the radar since then. I threw it together in an evening and an afternoon late last August. It's a collection of poems that the Washtenaw County Women's Poetry Collective and Casserole Society wrote together after The Feeling Is Mutual but before they all moved their separate ways away from Michigan (one stayed in Michigan, two are in Philly, one in SF, one in Warsaw).
I was going to try to assemble this chapbook myself, but it was only two days before my move across the country, so I was busy learning how to collapse the seats of my rental van into the floor of the van and stuff like that. I caved and took the manuscript to the copy shop and they did a nice job. There are some excellent poems in here. There's a small typo on the last page. The cover is an exquisite corpse drawing we did of a teacher with a horse head throwing a curve ball.

Exquisite Craps was distributed at a party in Ann Arbor and that was about it. So, there are a good number of copies remaining. Please get in touch if you'd like one. It's a breezy yellow late-summer read.

-- Amy

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